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Plug and Play FinTech provides funding, mentorship and acceleration to startups and first-time entrepreneurs to help them bring to market the next disruptive solution for the growing worldwide economy. Our global network of mentors & advisors help startups further their product development & prepare them to present to Silicon Valley's top investors. Over a 12-week period, the accelerator program will accept 20-30 startups in each of two classes in its 2015 inaugural program. The stage-agnostic accelerator is seeking applications from startups focused on mobile payments and banking, as well as security and authentication.

California, USA
Type of engagement:
Main sponsors:
Credit Suisse, CME Group, JCB, Intuit, USAA, CapitalOne, Santander, US Bank, Original, Deutsche Bank, TD Bank, SMBC, FinStar Labs, BNP Paribas, Bank of the West, MUFG
Incentive for startups
12 weeks of expert mentoring, free office space & lunch, sample data sets from providers like Morningstar and other incentives such as AWS, Google Cloud, Plaid API access and more!
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